P hilanthropy is not just the giving away of goods but is much more. In charity, goods are given away to those in need. It provides them relief from the dilemma they are going through but for a short period of time. Philanthropy deals with providing permanent relief from the suffering. Philanthropist will work towards uprooting the cause of the suffering so that the issues will not arise again and the society will benefit from it for a longer period of time.

Being an entrepreneur, Aman Mehndiratta | Aman's Philanthropy career for society took the responsibility for the development of the society. Philanthropy is being practiced for thousands of years and many big entrepreneurs continue to follow the legacy of doing the social deeds. Philanthropy helps an individual to contribute his part in improvement of the society. Aman Mehndiratta is continuously involved in social service activities which help him to give back the society what he has taken from it.